Generosity: Funding and Sustaining

A Nonprofit’s Mission

Most nonprofits today are facing unprecedented challenges.  Older leaders are retiring, public and traditional funding streams are shrinking and pressure to address growing needs in our communities is increasing.

Managing costs, increasing efficiencies, partnering, developing earned revenue all become a part of our discussions and all can be part of the solution.

In the end, however, to effectively address the needs of vulnerable people we must seek relationships with generous people who will give support and money.

Who are these people and how do we open these relationships?

The answer is simple, and yet profound: we first become the generosity we seek and then invite others to greater purpose in their lives by sharing in that generosity.

There are methods and strategies and procedures that may motivate  someone to give one time.  These will not sustain an organization.  We do this only by cultivating enduring relationships with a broad community of generous people inspired by a compelling mission.

These principles are the same no matter how small or large the organization.

Generosity goes to the very heart of nonprofit work.  Most of us are here because our need for purpose calls us to something beyond ourselves.  Therein lies the inspiration that transforms lives - those of the clients who need more than they have and those of us who want more than we have.

For 25 years I have been doing this work.  Let’s talk.

“What is not given is lost.” - Mother Teresa